Maximiliano Arrocet


Maximiliano Arrocet was made a director of AL_A in 2012 having joined the office in 2007. He led the design of the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in Lisbon and is currently leading the design for Pitch/Pitch, a new concept for inner-city stackable football pitches, the design for Maggie’s Centre in Southampton and AL_A’s work for the reception and conference centre of an investment bank’s new London headquarters. Maximiliano also leads a number of private residential projects and has an expertise in bespoke contemporary and historic detailing.

Maximiliano studied at the University of Bath and Westminster University, and has a strong understanding of construction techniques and materiality. His background in engineering and multidisciplinary approach is reflected in projects at all scales, from complex building schemes to groundbreaking installations to self-generated projects, most recently exemplified by Pitch/Pitch.