AL_A at the Royal Academy Summer Show

June 14 2023

In response to curator Peter Barber’s theme Making is Thinking, our 2 exhibits reflect the process of design.

Testing options for Belgrade Philharmonic Concert Hall charts numerous study options. 30 layers of acrylic painted on 2 sides, reflects colour onto the cut surfaces of the building’s outline creating a shifting composition that speaks of the complexity of decision making in the design process.

Transparent Wood, a collaboration with Sonia Contera Professor of Biological Physics at the University of Oxford, explores how we might use nature to grow the materials of the future. By extracting the lignin from wood and infusing it with bio resin, we create a new composite material potentially stronger than steel, a better insulator than glass and that lets the light in. The research is presented as an annotated photographic contact sheet.

The Summer Exhibition is on until the 20th August 2023. Tickets can be booked via the Royal Academy.