Max speaking at MIT about innovative use of aluminium in AL_A projects

'Architectural Aluminum in the 21st Century' conference at MIT

March 9 2018

‘Architectural Aluminum in the 21st Century: Design and Preservation of Contemporary and Historic Architecture’ will take place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on 24-25 March.

The aim of the conference is to examine the mechanical and structural properties of aluminium and the effect on performance and durability. It will also ask what effect environmental conditions have on both traditional and modern structures that incorporate the material in their framework, facade or ornamentation. In addition, it will explore new innovations in fabrication, manufacturing and installation.

Max will discuss AL_A’s innovative approach to using aluminium at Central Embassy, Hills Place, Sky Central and will look at how aluminium took on part of the voice of modernity in the dialogue between old and new at the V&A Exhibition Road Quarter. His presentation will also look at the work of Future System’s including Selfridges and the first all-aluminum building in the world, Lord’s Media Centre.

Architects from Snohetta and OMA will also be giving talks at the two-day conference – more information and a link to registration and tickets can be found here.

Images: Rob Battersby, Hufton+Crow and Future Systems