Amanda in Prague for the Czech Grand Prix of Architecture

November 7 2023

Amanda was president of the jury for the Czech Grand Prix.

‘To mark the 30th anniversary of the Czech Grand Prix, the jury were looking not just to recognise architectural excellence but for projects that express optimism and social responsibility and contribute to a real sense of community.

The winner of the Grand Prix went to the Kloboucké Lesní headquarters by Jan Mach, Jan Vondrák and Filip Cerha.

Its architectural excellence is particularly special in the context of a small village. The simple language of the building, an A-frame structure, is understated and elegant in proportion and scale. Every move effortlessly integrates sustainable and technical detailing. And it is a design that makes beautiful use of the materials in nature; light, air, water and wood.

As well as the architects’ achievement we applaud the client’s ambitious and philanthropic ideals that have reinvigorated a former timber business.

They were demanding of their architects and asked for a building to showcase their timber products as well as one that created spaces for the community.

This building sends a holistic message of optimism, quality and care and is a tribute to the architect, engineer and client.’

The full list of winners can be found here