Carsten Höller at MAAT

Entire museum given over to Höller's exhibition Day

December 8 2021

From 5 October 2021 – 28 February 2022, MAAT is hosting Carsten Höller’s new exhibition, Day. Bringing together a number of works producing light (and darkness), the pieces range from sculptures with lamps to projections and architecture.

The oval room at the centre of the museum contains Lisbon Dots (2006/2021), an installation consisting of 20 spotlight projectors that follow people’s movements around the space. Elsewhere, a “hotel room” contains Two Roaming Beds (2015), which offers visitors the unique opportunity to spend a night inside the museum where everything on display can be experienced in privacy. The beds move at random and leave a trace of the sleepers’ nightly roam in the form of a brightly coloured line on the floor, which will all add up over time to create a gigantic drawing.