Max speaks on digital design tools at the Institute of Civil Engineers

Director: Max Arrocet discusses Digital Futures in follow up to IABSE Henderson Colloquium

October 29 2014

Director Max Arrocet joined the Digital Design seminar at the Institute of Civil Engineers on 3 November to share the outcome of the IABSE Henderson Colloquium 2014.

Max attended the two day Colloquium in July which looked at the impact of digital tools and technology in construction along with other architects, engineers, contractors and academics. Topics under discussion ranged from parametric modelling and design collaboration to construction automation and the impact of big data and open source design.

Max contributed to a discussion on the “Digital Future”, which posed questions such as “What’s on the horizon?”, “Where to invest for the biggest return?” and “How do we as an industry need to adapt and evolve to meet this future?”

A number of key messages and focus areas emerged from the Colloquium, including the need to broaden the use of digital design tools and construction techniques to a wider range of projects, the need to develop the use of lightweight digital tools at the early stages of the design process, and being more open to the sharing of tools, models, computer code and intelligence across the industry to significantly accelerate progress and uptake of digital design.

The Henderson Colloquium has been organised by the British Group of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) since 1975 to exchange views on structural engineering themes of topical importance.