Sky Meeting Centre already changing working habits

News: First building of a world class media campus is setting a benchmark

August 2 2014

The Sky Meeting Centre, the first part of the creation of a world class media campus to provide a new headquarters for BSkyB, has already become a game-changer in the way that Sky works and has set a new benchmark for creative offices in the months since its completion.

A spectacular working environment for over 400 people in a 65,000 sq ft building, Sky staff have labelled it “stunning” and “the greatest space I’ve ever worked in”. One commented that it “changes the way that we work” and that they “didn’t expect the importance of the moral boost that this type of space would give my team”.

A member of the Property Service Group has said that the building is “a centre of excellence and, like most people, I’m blown away when I walk into the atrium.  According to Sky colleagues The Hub has ‘transformed life at Sky’ and ‘it’s made coming to work fun’. Just being in there I feel super relaxed and creative, making it possible to have those random ideas that flood your head just before drifting off to sleep or in the shower possible in the workplace.”

Such responses are the product of a design inspired by Sky’s values of transparency and collaboration. Open and flexible spaces were designed in clusters of neighbourhoods to accommodate a new type of creative industry, where the traditional distinctions between creative, technical, production and corporate have been broken down. The design finds an equilibrium between collective endeavour and the expression of the creative individual.

Sky are very proud of the fact that that they started out in an industrial shed and this heritage is reinterpreted in this their first building.

Inside the shed is an environment with exceptional daylight from north facing roof lights that not only meet the demands of Sky but are also an environmentally and economically efficient solution.

Construction was completed in June on time and on budget in little over a year.