AL_A at Pisa Biennale 2017

International pavilion showcases MAAT for 'water and architecture' theme

November 20 2017

As part of Pisa Architecture Biennale 2017, curator Luca Molinari is presenting a display of architectural projects which capture the relationship between city and water. MAAT’s low-slung design exploits the natural assets of the site, framing an architectural narrative that is sensitive to both its cultural heritage and the future of the city. The design draws on the context of the site, creating both physical and conceptual connections to the waterfront and back to the heart of the city.

The International Pavilion, at Arsenali Rebubblicani, presents a selection of works completed in the last ten years. Alongside MAAT, projects by BIG, Renzo Piano Building Workshop and others will be displayed.

Following the success of the first Biennale held in October 2015, this second exhibition, under LP Association’s curatorial direction and with the involvement of Pisa’s municipality, will focus on socio-economic prospects and on new urban landscapes in connection with water.

The exhibition is open until 28 November 2017. For more information, please visit