Amanda guest edits CNN Style

Amanda is the first guest editor of the newly relaunched CNN Style, the news channel's online platform for arts, design, fashion and architecture

Posted by ala | September 15 2017

In an opinion piece setting out her guest editorship, Amanda looks at thresholds in architecture and society in her piece “There has never been a more important time to celebrate what unites us” and has invited David Miliband, Olivia Sudjic and Cristina Iglesias to explore ideas about Thresholds in relation to art, identity, society, economics and politics.

A fundamental issue for our time, notions of thresholds that are upheld or ignored are considered by David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, in his article on refugees, “The rights of refugees must not be diluted“. Novelist Olivia Sudjic looks at the indistinct thresholds between versions of self and perception in the internet age in “Virtual Anxiety: The disturbing new reality of life online” and an interview with artist Cristina Iglesias examines her work and its underlying relations to thresholds in “How Cristina Iglesias became architecture’s favorite artist“.

The theme of Thresholds reflects the recently completed work by AL_A at MAAT and the V&A, which examine the boundaries between the world of the museum and the public realm, between craft and industry, between history and modernity.

Image credit: Katie Copeland