Getting ready to play MAAT…

Video: MAAT's ceramic tiles will act as a 190m long percussion instrument

March 20 2017

Artist Allard van Hoorn will use MAAT’s ceramic tiles as a musical instrument when he performs “Urban Songline” at 6.30pm on Tuesday 21 March.

The performance is ahead of the opening of the next two exhibitions on Wednesday 22 March in the kunsthalle designed by AL_A: “Utopia/Dystopia” – curated by Pedro Gadanho, João Laia and Susana Ventura – and “Order and Progress,” by Mexican artist Héctor Zamora, curated by Inês Grosso.

Van Hoorn is a sound-, installation- and performance artist, famed for creating choreographies for architecture, buildings as musical scores, scenographies for the built environment and scripts for investigating people’s relationships to public spaces.

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