Placing the last stone

News: The final stone completes the reinstatement of the Aston Webb Screen in its altered form at the V&A

March 9 2017

The last stone has been placed to complete the reinstallation of the modified Aston Webb Screen at the V&A.

The remodelled Aston Webb Screen unlocks the potential to bring new audiences into the V&A, breaking down the separation between street and museum, and taking the V&A onto Exhibition Road and Exhibition Road into the V&A.

Encouraging people to drift in from the street, the Screen is no longer a wall that separates, but one that reveals to the public for the first time the three architecturally and historically significant facades.

AL_A worked closely with specialist stonework contractors PAYE and heritage consultant Giles Quarme & Associates.

Each stone was documented, catalogued and stored before being re-erected in its new form.

The Exhibition Road project will open to the public in July.

Image of Aston Webb Screen from Exhibition Road © Victoria and Albert Museum, London.