V&A features in new Uncommon: London guidebook

Director: Alice Dietsch writes 'The future diary of a building site' on the Exhibition Road project

June 16 2015

AL_A Director Alice Dietsch has contributed a future diary that tracks the construction of the V&A Exhibition Road project to the London edition of the Uncommon series of guidebooks.

The book focuses on London as an unknowable city and sets out to create an unravelling conversation that flows through the is, the might be and the never was of London.

Uncommon is an international guidebook project based in London. Started on the islands of Malta and Gozo in the Mediterranean by Maltese journalist Emma Mattei and British artist Jon Banthorpe in 2010, it now involves many: Stockholm, a London series, Cairo, Dubai and the Holy Land.

The first book of the London series was published in June 2015.