Changing perceptions of destination retail with 72 Courtyard in Bangkok

Project: AL_A commissioned by RS for a new food destination in the Thai capital

Posted by ala | October 17 2014

AL_A’s project for a retail destination in Thong Lo, Bangkok has been launched as 72 Courtyard by client, RS.

The project knits a mall into the urban fabric, community and identity of its neighbourhood. Through observation of how these spaces are used and analysis of changing habits and contexts, the project seeks to redefine the typology of community retail destinations. The development consists of a dozen retail and food outlets with a large nightclub that anchors the development and sets the tone.

A large cut is carved out of the mall to accommodate a small public park that lends a serene character to the development. This quiet pocket of green is connected to the busy street scene by a fissure that brings activity into the solitude of the greenery and the boutiques that encircle and face on to the park.

As the dovetailing of retail and park has such conceptual strength, the architecture of the development retains a certain simplicity. The opaque façade that forms the street elevation reflects the city, with the elevations facing onto the parkscape are glazed. Inverting expectations, where received wisdom would glaze the street facades, the street front remains solid and imposing, with the cut providing all that is needed in way of transparency and intrigue to draw people in.

Construction is now underway and will be completed in 2015.