Selfridges Birmingham in Twentieth Century Society’s “100 Buildings 100 Years” exhibition at the Royal Academy

News: Department store heralded as one of the most influential buildings in Britain of the past one hundred years

Posted by ala | October 11 2014

Organised in conjunction with the Twentieth Century Society, an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art showcases the extraordinary and often surprising variety of the last hundred years of British architecture.

The exhibition presents one building for each year since 1914, with Selfridges chosen to represent 2003.

As the Society’s website says, “Selfridges looks like nothing else and celebrates the constant ambition of Brummies to reinvent their city; an optmistic symbol of Birmingham’s recent regeneration.”

The free exhibition runs in The Architecture Space, Burlington House at the Royal Academy until 1 February.

A book to accompany the exhibition will be published by the Twentieth Century Society in November.

In an article by The Independent on the exhibition, Selfridges was named as one of the ten best underrated buildings in Britain.