Questioning the role of the museum in the twenty-first century at Le Louvre

Competition: Reimagining the entry sequence and expoliting technology to promote the visitor as hero

August 20 2014

AL_A was shortlisted for a competition to remodel the public spaces of the Louvre and to reinterpret the spaces for mediation and information. Our objective was to make the visitor experience pleasurable and uplifting by liberating I.M.Pei’s pyramid, restoring the brilliance of his vision by removing its function as an entrance and exit to the Museum, and reinstating the structure as a destination in its own right.

The proposition was to enter the Louvre directly from the courtyard through the three original entrances to the historic Palace. This move gives the visitor an intuitive understanding of the complexity of the museum. The immersive experience of entering directly into one of the palace rooms allows them to immediately establish a visceral relationship with the collection.

In each ancient hall, a finely crafted piece of modern design is inserted, displaying a vast array of visitor information. This continues the Louvre’s brave juxtaposition of the historic and contemporary for which it is so well known.The Pyramid itself becomes a new room within museum, a place for meeting, reflection and study. Its beauty is once again revealed, creating spectacular views of the Palace from inside.